Beauty & The Beast - Backstage

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Kathleen (Wardrobe)

Tiffany, Bethany, Kim, Tabetha, Kyrsten in our Finale dresses.

Tiffany, Bethany, Kim, Tabetha, Kyrsten in Finale dresses.

Getting Ready in the Green Room (Melissa Heather Krysten)

Vocal warm ups in the Green Room. Matt and Tyler

Amy Leading us in vocal warm ups.

Tanner (Gaston) is putting on his chest hair

Waiting around in the Green Room. Brandon, Ashley, Amber, Taerra

Rachel in Makeup

Lisa in Curlers

Lisa (Enchantress)

Tyler does a 6 minute Beauty and Beast

Josh (Maurice)

Nicole Fox (Babette)

Wardrobe. Amy, Taerra, Josh

Tavern bar maids. Nicole B., Bethany, Tabetha, Rachel, Kyrsten

Gaston's favorite silly girl. Heather and Tanner.

Beast and Mini beast. Dave and Joseph Grooms

Gaston and his three silly girls. Arin, Tanner, Liz, Heather

David (Beast) in Make-Up

Brittany and Ashley - The Backstage Duo

Matt (Cogsworth)

Bethany (Dancer)

Liz (Silly Girl)

Mark (LeFou)

Rachel, Lisa, Haley L.

Dan and Tyler

Sean Brandon and Ashley (The Tech Crew)

Sydnee (Light & Sound)

Lindsay and Lisa
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