Beauty & The Beast - Backstage

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Taerra the Opera singing wardrobe

Wardrobe and mini wardrobe

Joseph (Mini Beast)

Mark (LeFou) and Tanner (Gaston)

Nicole B (Wolf/Dancer)

Lisa and Rosemary

Mini Beast and Beast

Mini Beast and Beast

Mini Beast and Beast

M. D'Arque

M. D'Arque and Mini D'Arque

The Enchanted Characters

The Enchanted Characters

Adam (LeFou)

Melissa giving a gift to Joel our Director.

Melissa presenting the gift to Joel, while the cast watches.

Joel receiving Cast Gift

Joel Receiving Cast Gift

The Cast Gift

Joel has a git for all of us.

Mareseilles closing night. Green room for pictures.

Going through the Belle song one last time.

The Wall of Transformation

Kathleen (Wardrobe)

Jamie? and Lisa


Brad (Gaston)

Andrew (Cogsworth)

Amber (Mrs. Potts)

Andrew and Dan
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