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Privacy Policy is a site meant to gather information about actors, productions, and venues who participate in Community Theater. By its very nature, this site will include personal information about actors, crew, & staff ("Participants") regarding their participation in community theater productions.

Generally Available Information

Some personal information stored on this site will be available to any visitor to This is typically limited to displaying the name of a Participant in a production, as well as an information page, which will show information about that Participant including the roles and venues where that Participant was involved in a production. This page may also display a headshot of the Participant.

Protected Information

Contact information about a Participant may be made available to some users of this site. This contact information could include information such as email address, telephone number, or links to a person's website.

Due to the sensitive nature of this contact information, it is not Generally Available to the public, and will only be visible to visitors who have logged in to the site, and have a direct connection to that user. These types of connections include:

In order to comply with US Laws, Protected Information for individuals known to be under 14 years of age will not be displayed on this site.

Controlling Your Information

If you are a Participant listed on, and would like to remove or change your personal information, please go to the Contact Us page to send us a message with instructions on what changes you would like made.

We will make every effort to honor requests for changes within 10 business days.

Use of Protected Information

As a Participant or Administrator, you may have access to Personal Information about other Participants when you login to the site. Your access to this information is provided upon the terms that you will not use this information for any Commercial Purposes, or to engage or facilitate another entities engagement in in Spamming, Stalking, Harrassing, Harming, or Bothering other Participants. You are also prohibited from using that protected information in any manner which is Prohibited by Law in the United States of America or your country or state of residence.

Any violation of these terms can result in revocation of your account. eWonderz will also fully cooperate with Law Enforcement Officials in their lawful investigation of crimes involving account holders on

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